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Japanese Journal of Biomechanics in Sports and Exercise
Submission Guidelines

1.In case that co-authors are not our member

The first author needs to be a member of the society. Co-authors need to pay a half year’s membership fee at the time of acceptance.

2.Electronic submissions

Please follow the guidelines for authors when you prepare the manuscript
When you submit electronically, the file format should be PDF including Figures and Tables. You can attach the files to an email, or send a media (floppy disk or CD-ROM) that contains the files to the editorial office. It is not necessary to include the text and figures in a single file. Nonetheless, please minimize the number of files in order to make the processing easier. Keep in mind that the acceptable file size might be limited at email servers. We can handle emails up to ~2MB.

Two versions shall be submittedd: (1) a version in which the name, affiliation, contact of the authors are written: these items should be included in the first page, and (2) a blind version without author's information (i.e., without the first page). Also make sure that your identity information is not embedded in the files.

The submitted media will not be returned to the authors. Please make sure to keep a copy at your hand.

We recommend email submissions for the ease of handling.

3.Regarding the biography of author

The biography of the first author will be printed. When submitting the final version of the manuscript after acceptance, please send a brief biography that includes (1) name, (2) affiliation, (3) research topics, (4) other related information (such as interested sports) to the editorial office. A photo can be included if the author wish. Please keep in mind that the editorial office might edit the biography for editorial reasons.

4.Submission of the final version

After the acceptance of the manuscript, the authors should submit the final version to the editorial office in electronic form except for special cases. Please explicitly indicate which application software you used for preparation. Please attach the files to an email, or send a media (floppy disk or CD-ROM) to the editorial office.
For the sake of correctness of typesetting, please also send a PDF file or a hard copy of the figures and tables.

Please submit your manuscript to:

Mailing address:
School of Health and Sport Sciences
Chukyo University
Tokodachi, Kaizu-cho, Toyota, Aichi, 470-0393, Japan
Please explicitly address to “JJBSE editorial office, Shinji Sakurai”




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