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Our privacy policy


The Japanese Society of Biomechanics has set the following policy for privacy protection. We will ensure the merit of the members by taking proper measures in obtaining, using and managing privacy information.

Japanese Society of Biomechanics
President Tetsuo Fukunaga
Executive Director Michiyoshi Ae

  1. Obtaining privacy information
    We will basically obtain the minimally-required privacy information from the member herself/himself, only when it is needed.
  2. Usage of the privacy information
    The usage of privacy information will be limited to the purposes described in the following section "3. The purpose of usage".
  3. The purpose of usage
    The obtained information will be used for the following purposes: scientific meetings, research seminars, official journal and other proceedings, domestic and international academic meetings, biomechanical researches and investigations, and administration of the society.
  4. Disseminating the privacy information
    The privacy information will not be disseminated to other bodies without permission of the member herself/himself, unless it is regally requested.
  5. Our safety measures of privacy protection
    We will keep updating the measure for a proper protection of privacy information. We will properly supervise the personnel that handle the privacy information. When we outsource the handling job, either fully or partially, to other body, the contract will include the safety measures, which will be continually checked by the society.
  6. Accuracy of the information
    We will continuously update the database for the accuracy of information included. If a member or her/his agent asks for disclosure, correction or removal of the information, we will process the request as quickly as possible.
  7. Changes in this policy
    We may change this policy in the future. We will announce all the changes through our web page and the official journal.
  8. For inquiry about privacy information
    Tennno-dai 1-1-1
    Tsukuba, Ibaraki
    University of Tsukuba
    Sekiya Koike
    TEL:029-853-2677 (Koike)), 2675(Ae)



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