Jpn J Biomechanics Sports Exercise Vol. 23 No. 3 2019



原著論文: ハンマー投ターン動作におけるハンマースピード増加に貢献するハンドル先行距離獲得のためのハンドルの動き 藤井 宏明ほか 100
特集: Biomechanics of running-specific prosthesis
Special issue on running-specific prosthesis Hiroaki HOBARA 120
Running after lower extremity amputation with daily-use and running-specific prostheses: A review of biomechanics outcomes Brian S. BAUM 121
Running for health: does jogging result in high intact-side knee joint loading Siobhan STRIKE 131
Force applications during running by sprinters with transfemoral amputation Hiroyuki SAKATA 138
The biomechanics of the long jump with a below the knee prosthesis – recent insights Johannes FUNKEN 145